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Actinidia is a perennial frost-resistant liana. The stems are up to 4 m long. The liana is powerful, grows quickly -support is required. In June, it blooms with small white flowers. In August-September, the berries ripen with a delicate sweet taste. To get the fruit, a male and 2-3 female plants are planted next to each other. The distance between them is 2-3m.

Actinidia is a forest plant. In nature, it grows in partial shade, but the liana on the branches of trees stretches to the sun. Ideal for planting: the roots of the plant are in the shade, and the liana is supported by the sun.

Any fertile garden soil is suitable. Sand and peat are added to the heavy soil. In a drought, watering is mandatory. The roots of Actinidia are located close to the surface, it is necessary to mulch at a distance of 0.5-0.7 m from the trunk.

In the first two years, it is necessary to protect the young plant from cats with a metal mesh. Actinidia contains a substance that is found in valerian. Cats love valerian. Adult plants are not dangerous cats.

Actinidia fruits are rich in vitamin C, trace elements. Regular consumption increases immunity. Plucked fruits remain fresh for about three weeks. They can be dried, frozen. The hybrid form of Actinidia is kiwi. On sale variety "purpurea". The berries turn pink when ripe.

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