Blackberry Loch Tay

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Blackberries of Loch Tay belong to the mid-early varieties – the berries begin to ripen actively in July and this process continues until the beginning of October. The berries of the blackberries of Loch Tay are very large, and their mass reaches 12 g.

The color of the berries is dark and shiny.  The taste of this blackberry berry has just a delicious aroma, without any sourness and bitterness. The transportability of Loch Tay blackberries is excellent. The shoots of the bushes are very powerful, they reach a height of 3 m. This variety of blackberries has strong frost-resistant characteristics.

Blackberry bushes begin to bloom quite late, so they avoid return frosts. Blackberries of Loch Tay are very resistant to various diseases and pests. The berries are suitable for freezing and preserving.

This variety of blackberries is very common in Europe in industrial value. Many nurseries grow and propagate Loch Tay blackberries, as the variety is very economical, and the berries are widely used not only in raw form but also in the production of jams and in various preserves.

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