Barberry Thunberg

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Barberry Thunberg is a deciduous thorny shrub 30 cm to 2 m high with decorative leaves: red, red with a rim, with golden yellow, green with bright white spots, and purple with white strokes. Barberry blooms in May with yellow flowers, collected in racemose inflorescences.

In autumn, the plant is decorated with oblong bright red edible fruits. On sale, there is a barberry 2 m tall with large purple leaves. It is a variety 1.5 m tall, the leaves are dark red with a light border.

There is a variety with yellow leaves 1.2 m high. And a curb yellow-leaved variety 30cm tall. All barberries are unpretentious. Any garden soil in the sun is suitable. The plant is drought-resistant and winter-hardy.

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