Buddley of David

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Buddley of David is a fast-growing shrub 1.5-2m tall. Leaves are large lanceolate gray-green up to 20 cm in length. In August, beautiful spike-shaped inflorescences of small flowers up to 40 cm long appear at the ends of the shoots. White, pink, purple fragrant flowers attract many butterflies with their honey smell. The plant is pollinated by butterflies.

They call buddley - autumn lilac. Blooms from early August to late September. A fast-growing shrub, even on poor sandy soils. In drought, watering is required. For the winter, the roots of the plant must be covered (spud) with earth to a height of 10 cm.

In the spring you need pruning on a "stump" 10-20 cm from the ground. Buddley blooms on new shoots. They are planted in a place protected from the wind, in the sun. Prefers loose, well-drained soil.

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