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Lavender is a perennial shrub with gray-green leaves 50-70 cm high and wide. It blooms in July-September with pale lilac, blue inflorescences. The plant has a strong spicy smell. Leaves, peduncles and flowers are fragrant. Fresh and dried young twigs and flowers are used in cooking.

Dried flowers - to repel moths In garden designs, lavender is often planted near roses. The plant's spicy scent repels many rose pests and makes them less sick. Lavender is undemanding to soils, but grows better on fertile ones. The plant is drought-resistant. Heavy, moist soils with high acidity are not suitable for this plant. The soil must be well drained.

The plant is frost-resistant. In April, pruning is carried out before reaching mature wood. Flower buds are laid on new shoots. The lavender bush grows more luxuriantly and blooms more abundantly.

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