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Common lilac is a deciduous ornamental shrub up to 3 m high.The leaves are heart-shaped. Blooms May-June with fragrant cone-shaped inflorescences. Blooms for about three weeks. On sale there are: blue terry, white terry, pink terry varietal lilac. Two varieties of Chinese lilac are not terry with large red and pink flowers.

There is a Meyer lilac 1.5 m high with not large racemes of lilac flowers. The variety is very aromatic. Any garden soil is suitable for the plant, preferably calcareous, slightly acidic is also suitable. On acidic peaty soil, lilac grows worse.

The place prefers the sun, but tolerates light shading. The plant is drought-resistant. It winters without shelter. After flowering, it is necessary to remove the dried inflorescences. In early spring, the shoots are removed and the lilac bushes are fed with mineral fertilizer. In a drought, watering is necessary.

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