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Spirea is a deciduous shrub with a height of 50 cm to 2 m. There are many varieties. All of them grow quickly and bloom profusely, and at the same time, do not require special care. Small flowers of white, pink and crimson color, collected in inflorescences: spike-shaped, pyramidal, paniculate. The leaves of spirea have a different color of green, yellow, and by autumn they become bright orange or purple.

In the spring-flowering varieties of spirea Wangutta and Grefsheim, the flowers are white in color and completely cover the arched drooping branches along the entire length. The plant blooms in May - early June, for 3 weeks. After flowering, remove old and weak shoots.

Letnetsvetuschie: spirea-Bumalda height of 1 m, bright pink caps of flowers adorn the shrub in June-July. Spirea-Crispa is 60 cm tall and has dark green toothed leaves, interspersed with white-pink color. Blooms in July - September with bright crimson flowers.

Japanese spirea - "Gold" 60 cm high with bright yellow leaves and pink corymbose flowers in the month of June. Japanese spirea is a" Little princess " 50 cm tall with small leaves and pale pink flowers in the month of June-July. Spirea-Billarda with a height of 2 m with pink spike-shaped inflorescences blooms from June to September.

Summer-flowering spirea species can be completely pruned every year in early spring at a height of 10-20 cm for more abundant flowering. Flower buds are laid on new shoots. All spirea are unpretentious and do not require special care. They grow in the sun, but they also tolerate light partial shade. All species require annual pruning.

In spring-flowering spirea, old branches are removed after 7 -14 years. In low varieties, up to 1 m tall, numerous tillering shoots are formed. The plant is drought-resistant and winter-hardy. In a drought, watering is necessary. Any garden soil is suitable.

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