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Chrysanthemum is a perennial herbaceous plant that decorates the garden with its basket flowers in the fall, when most perennials have already faded. On peduncles with a height of 50 -100 cm, chamomile-shaped, pompon-shaped, peony-shaped flowers of multi-colored color bloom: white, yellow, pink, red, burgundy, lilac, and two-color.

There are chrysanthemums that bloom from July, low to 50 cm tall, red, yellow and pink in color. Most varieties bloom from September until the frost. There is a variety with white-pink flowers, which has tubular leaves. All chrysanthemums grow well in fertile, well-drained soil in a sunny place.

In a drought, watering is necessary. For a good wintering, it is necessary to pour earth to the roots of chrysanthemums (spud) up to 5-8 cm high, and cut the flower stalks only in spring.

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