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Clematis, clematis is a perennial decorative vine 1.5-4 m long. A plant for vertical gardening. Especially impressive from May to October during flowering: purple, pink, red, lilac flowers. In large-flowered hybrids, the flower diameter is up to 20 cm. Clematis prefers light partial shade. And in a sunny place, the plant needs to shade the roots well with a layer of mulch or plant ground cover plants.

Regular watering is necessary, especially in drought and fertilizing with mineral fertilizers. Clematis grows best on sandy loam soil. Sand must be added to heavy soil. The land should be fertile with the addition of compost, ash, fertilizers. On heavy overfed soils, the plant can get sick with wilt. This is a fungal disease - the shoot fades and dries up.

All clematis need pruning. The type of pruning depends on the variety. Plants blooming in spring - pruning by 1/3 in the fall. And plants that bloom in summer are pruned in spring. When planting clematis, the root collar is deepened into the ground by 2 cm. In addition to large-flowered hybrids, there is a Manchurian clematis for sale. It is a natural type of clematis. Perennial plant 2-3 m high.

It blooms in June with numerous small flowers collected in fragrant inflorescences. It blooms for 30-40 days. In the fall, fluffy fruits appear in their place, which makes the clematis decorative. The plant is unpretentious, grows on any garden soil, does not require special care. In drought, watering is necessary. Liana is powerful, grows quickly, support is needed.

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