Climbing rose

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Climbing rose - with branches up to 3.5 m long, with small flowers collected in inflorescences, crimson color. Blooms once in May-June. Support is needed.

There is a varietal climbing rose up to 2.5 m high with red flowers with a diameter of 5 cm. Blooms once in May-June.

There is a varietal climbing rose with a height of 2.5 m. Blooms in May-June in clusters of small pink flowers.

Roses that bloom once a season, bloom very profusely and for a long time up to 2-2. 5 months, for this they are valued in garden design. 

Light formative pruning of climbing roses is carried out immediately after the end of flowering. Two to three weeks after the rose blooms, the plant lays new flower buds for flowering the following year. It is necessary to feed the plant with potassium-phosphorus fertilizers.

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