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Colchicum corm ephemeroid plant 10-20 cm tall. In early spring, elongated leaves appear, in June they dry up, and in autumn in September, large bright pink funnel-shaped flowers appear. Flowers are also white. The plant blooms at the end of the season - not at the same time as other plants "out of time", without time. Therefore, it was called the crocus.

If you dig up the bulbs and put them in a vase without soil and without water, they will still bloom for 2-3 weeks. Then they need to be planted again in the ground. There are crocus flowers with double white and pink flowers. They bloom in October, but they grow slowly, so their price is much higher than that of simple ones.

Colchicum is an unpretentious plant, but it is better to plant in a sunny area, although it tolerates light shading. Does not tolerate sticking, bulbs can rot. After 5-7 years, the nests of the bulbs can be divided.

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