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Daylily is a perennial herbaceous rhizomatous plant with a height of 40 to 120 cm. Flowers can be very different colors: white, yellow, pink, lilac, red , purple.

Each flower blooms only for one day, but the buds open one by one. 

On average, an adult shrub blooms for 25 days. But, different varieties of hybrid lily pads, the most common in horticulture today, begin to bloom at different times.

If you plant several varieties, you can admire the beautiful flowers for two months. Daylilies begin to bloom from the middle of June and continue until the middle of September.

Daylilies are considered easy-to-care plants and can grow on any soil. But the most suitable for them is nutritious, humus-rich soil. In heavy soil, you need to add sand. The soil should be well-drained, soaking lilies do not tolerate.

The plant does not need private watering, but in a drought, watering is necessary. When watering, water should not fall on the leaves and, especially, on the flower buds. Spots may appear on them. In hot weather, the water for irrigation should not be cold.

The plant needs a place in the sun, but light partial shade is also allowed. The rhizome of the daylily grows up, so it is necessary to pour nutritious soil to the base of the bush.

In the spring, it is necessary to feed the daylily with full mineral fertilizer. After flowering-potash-phosphorus. The plant is frost-resistant.

Daylilies are an ideal plant for summer residents: they are not watered often, they are not fed much, and you can enjoy their magnificent flowers for almost the entire season.

Once in 5-7 years, the daylily bush must be divided.

On sale, there are large-flowered daylilies with a "peephole" and fringe, one and two-colored, border and high, terry and simple-for every taste.

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