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Pasqueflower, sleep-grass-a perennial herbaceous rhizomatous plant. The leaves are pinnately dissected and retain their decorative appearance until late autumn. In April, on a peduncle with a height of 20-25 cm, first pubescent buds appear, which later open into large 5-7 cm in diameter bell-shaped flowers: white, pink, lilac - purple, red.

Flowering lasts for a month. Then, the petals fall off and there are fluffy spherical seeds. The dream grass has a taproot up to 40 cm long. Therefore, adult plants can not be transplanted. They usually die. It is necessary to choose the right place for planting the plant.

Dream-grass is a forest plant. It grows well in the sun, tolerates light partial shade. The soil prefers slightly acidic or alkaline, well-drained, rich in humus. The plant is drought-resistant and does not tolerate soaking at all. It winters without shelter. The width of the adult plant is 25-30 cm, consider this size when planting the dream grass in a permanent place in the garden.

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