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Hosta, Funkia is a perennial herbaceous rhizomatous plant. Ideal for shady places. It is valued for its beautiful leaves. They are: green, blue, yellow, multicolored.  They are decorated with patterns, strokes, and edging of contrasting colors - white on green, green on yellow.

The leaves also differ in size from 5 cm to 40 cm and in density. The denser the leaves of the hosta, the more resistant the plant is to short-term drought.

By size, hosts are divided into large, medium, and small. Among the large ones, there are giant ones up to 1.4 m high, and among the small ones, there are dwarf ones with a height of 5-7 cm. 

Hosta blooms for a short time, but it looks very impressive at this time. Tall flower stalks with many bells of white, lilac, purple color adorn the dark corners of the garden in the middle of summer.

Hosts with blue-colored leaves should be planted in the shade to better preserve the bluish " wax " coating. Plants with green leaves will burn out in the sun and lose their attractiveness.

And hosts with yellow leaves need morning or evening sun-in the shade, their leaves will turn green. In a sunny area, some varieties of yellow-leaved hostas can grow, with sufficient soil moisture. For most people, a green host with white or yellow patterns is suitable for partial shade.

The plant needs a place in the shade or partial shade, regular watering, especially in drought, the soil is rich in humus. For the winter, you do not need to hide, the hosts are frost-resistant.

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