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Iris is a perennial rhizomatous plant. The height of the peduncles is from 25 cm to 125 cm. Irises bloom in May-June: white, blue, blue, yellow, lilac, orange, pink and purple flowers. Border irises are the first to bloom. They are not tall, but they grow very quickly and form bright multi-colored curtains.

The most popular are tall bearded irises. They bloom in June. The landing site should be in the sun. Soil-preferably light slightly acidic loam. In heavy soil, you need to add sand, peat. When planting, the upper part of the rhizome "back" should be partially above the surface of the soil, and the roots-in the ground.

In the spring, when the sun warms, the back itself rises to the surface, and in late autumn it goes deeper into the ground. It is necessary to water the plant only in drought, the rest of the time there is enough precipitation. The soil should be well drained. Irises can't stand getting wet. With excessive watering, they can rot the rhizome.

In early spring and during budding, it is necessary to feed with mineral fertilizers. In wet areas, Siberian and calamus irises can grow. Their flowers are not large, the peduncles are thin, but quite strong. They are often planted near reservoirs.

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