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Peony - a perennial herbaceous, rhizomatous plant with beautiful, decorative all season, leaves. This is one of the most popular plants for the garden. The milky-flowered peony has a peduncle height of 0.8-1 m. There is a terry form with white, pink and burgundy - red flowers.

Blooms in May-June. The flowers are large 10-15 cm in diameter. When planting, the upper bud of the plant goes deep into the ground no more than 2.5 cm. The plant is unpretentious - it can grow and bloom in one place for many years, if you choose suitable conditions for it.

Peonies grow well in nutritious, moist, well-drained soil, in a place protected from strong winds. They prefer light partial shade, but they also grow in the sun. For better flowering and growth, regular watering and fertilizing is necessary.

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