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The liverwort is a herbaceous perennial. In late March and early April, flowers of the liverwort rise on graceful stems 15 cm high, forming a bright blue carpet. After flowering, new leaves grow and seeds appear, which are taken away by the ants. And from those seeds that are lost, young plants grow.

The liverwort is a forest plant, therefore, it is necessary to create the same conditions as in nature. The best place is a shady corner under a tree or bush with humus-rich deciduous and non-acidic soil. In winter and spring, the soil can be slightly damp, while in summer it is drier but cooler.

In drought, watering is necessary. Liverwort is a medicinal plant and is used in the treatment of liver diseases. The leaves of the liverwort are shaped like the human liver, which is how the name of the liverworm came into being.

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