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Honeysuckle is a perennial flowering vine. Thälmann's honeysuckle is one of the most beautiful species. The length of the branches is up to 5-6m. Blooms in June-July with yellow-orange tubular flowers. Unfortunately, it does not bloom for 2-3 weeks. Honeysuckle honeysuckle is a climbing shrub, the whips of which rise along the support to a height of 4-5 m. There is a variety with pink flowers, blooms in June. And honeysuckle with white flowers, blooming profusely in May-June, and the rest of the time (until October) in separate flowers.

All honeysuckle honeysuckle has a fragrant smell during flowering. This smell spreads around in the morning and evening hours and after rain. There is a variety of Japanese honeysuckle with a yellow-netted ornament on oval leaves. This honeysuckle does not bloom, but it is very beautiful. Height up to 2 meters. She is good for decorating a fence made of mesh.

All honeysuckle are unpretentious plants. Grow well in the sun and in light partial shade. They respond well to fertilizers and timely watering. Any garden soil is suitable. Winter hardiness is high. All curly honeysuckle varieties need support.

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