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Kerria japonica is a deciduous ornamental shrub 1.2 m high. It blooms very profusely with bright yellow double flowers, similar to small roses. Kerria blooms in April - May for quite a long time, 30-40 days, since the flowers do not bloom at the same time. In summer, and sometimes in early autumn, repeated flowering is observed, but not so abundant.

Kerria is an unpretentious plant: it grows well on sandy and clay soil, both in the sun and in partial shade, but if you plant the plants on nutritious and moist soil in a sunny place protected from cold winds, kerria will delight you with more abundant and long flowering. In a particularly harsh winter, the shoots of the plant can freeze slightly, but in the spring, after pruning, they are restored and then keria blooms in the fall, and not in the spring.

In late autumn, shoots can be bent to the ground, covered with dry leaves and covered with foil. Press the film around the edges with something heavy. But air must flow under the film through the cracks, otherwise the plant can resist. After flowering, faded shoots are shortened and some of the old branches are cut out. In a drought, the plant needs watering.

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