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Kniphofia is a perennial plant native to South Africa. High 1-1.5 m peduncles are covered with orange tubular flowers. The length of the inflorescences is 15-25 cm. It blooms from July for 5-60 days. Flowers open gradually from bottom to top. Therefore, it seems that the Kniphofia is two-colored, the unopened buds at the top are always darker than those that have opened.

The leaves of the Kniphofia are narrow and long, collected in a basal rosette. The plant is light-loving and drought-resistant. Prefers drained, fertilized soil. The Kniphofia is planted in the background of the rabatka. It grows well and when several peduncles bloom at the same time, it looks very unusual and decorative. For the winter, it is necessary to cut off the peduncles, bend the leaves to the soil and cover with earth with a layer of 2-3 cm.

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