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Lily is a bulbous plant with beautiful exotic flowers and a great scent. There are hybrid varieties of lilies with large flowers, but odorless. Depending on the variety, the height of the peduncles is 30-100 cm. The diameter of the flowers is 5-25 cm. Colors: white, pink, yellow, orange, red, crimson. Flower shape: cupped, tubular, turban.

The price of lily bulbs depends on their size. Lilies grow well in light, nutritious, well-drained soils. They prefer a sunny place, but a little shading in the hot hours of the day is also suitable for them. The place must be protected from the wind. The plant does not tolerate drafts and damping.

The lower part of the lily must be shaded. Ground cover perennials are suitable for this. For example - seaside armeria. This evergreen plant, even in early spring, before the first shoots appear from the ground, will remind where the lily was planted. Armeria can plant different varieties of lilies and get a beautiful decorative picture.

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