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Muscari or mouse hyacinth is a perennial bulbous plant. Blooms the last of the spring small-leaved plants after snowdrop, crocus, white flower. The plant, 10-20 cm high, blooms in April-early May with blue, blue, white flowers. The flowers are similar to hyacinth flowers, but small and exude a pleasant aroma reminiscent of musk.

Blossom for 20-25 days. There is an Armenian muscaricum with double blue flowers, up to 20 cm high. And its bulb is large, up to 3 cm in diameter. There are muscarica with white flowers. All muscari prefer light soil in the sun, but withstand light partial shade. The overgrown blue-blue spots look great against the background of tall white and yellow daffodils. The plant is winter hardy. Some muscari hibernate with green leaves, while others dry out in mid-summer.

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