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Onion, Allium is an ornamental plant 10-100 cm high. It blooms with multi-colored spherical inflorescences: white, lilac, yellow, crimson. There is a Molly onion 10 cm high, blooms in May with yellow thyroid flowers.

Onion with white flowers, 40cm high, blooms in May. Lilac onion 30 -70 cm high, blooms in April. Onion with raspberry inflorescences 30 cm high, blooms in the second half of summer in August. There is a rhizome onion 50 cm high with lilac flowers, blooms for two months in a row July-August.

Onion 10 cm high with spiral leaves, blooms in August with lilac balls. All decorative bows prefer a place in the sun and light garden soil. The plant is frost-resistant. In drought, watering is necessary.

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