Raspberry Tulameen

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The raspberry variety Tulameen is unique, because of the combination of many good qualities. Fruiting begins in the second decade of July and lasts until the beginning of September. The bushes give a fairly plentiful harvest, the berries are bright red in color, sweet to taste with a slight sourness, and a very strong aroma characteristic of raspberries. On this site, you can buy raspberry seedlings Tulamin.

Tulameen berries can be safely attributed to the largest among the existing types of red raspberries. This variety was bred by Canadian breeders, so it perfectly tolerates low temperatures. Tulameen bushes are strong-growing. For growing at home, such raspberries are simply ideal, but simultaneously, in the United States, it is actively grown on an industrial scale.

The Tulameen raspberry variety is recognized all over the world as a true standard of raspberry taste. The berry has an average weight of 5-7g., it looks very beautiful, bright, shiny, and most importantly does not get smaller during the harvest.

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