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Saxifrage is a perennial ground cover plant. There are many different varieties. Most form dense thickets of pillow-like rugs up to 10 cm high. Arends's saxifrage consists of small rosettes. Flowers of white and pink color on strong thin pedicels bloom in the month of May. This variety grows in full sun and partial shade.

There is a shadow saxifrage. An evergreen plant with round, dense leaves. Above them in June, on peduncles 15 cm tall, bloom small white-pink flowers, collected in numerous inflorescences. Saxifrage grows well on light, drained soil, does not tolerate clogging.

Winter hardy, like most ground covers. A plant for alpine slides and rockeries. A small crevice between the stones, a little earth and moisture is enough for the formation of multi-colored rugs blooming in spring. Therefore, the name of this plant growing in the wild among saxifrage stones.

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