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A cold-resistant evergreen perennial herb was Sempervívum. In natural conditions, colorful rosettes inhabit bare rocks, almost doing without land. All this handsome little man needs is a dry, sunny spot. Watered sparingly, even in summer, Sempervívum can live for weeks without water. But the plant does not tolerate excess moisture.

The Latin name “Sempervívum” is translated as “always alive,” speaks for itself. Mature plants produce tall flower stalks in summer with gorgeous flowers. Most of the Sempervívum species bloom and bear fruit only once in a lifetime, after which the maternal socket dies off, and the daughter rosettes continue to grow.

Depending on the variety and sunlight, the sockets can change their color every month. Most beautiful in spring, when reddish tones prevail. The leaves of the young cobweb are densely covered with white pubescence. On sale 10 varieties were Sempervívum.

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